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Lone Wolf Comedy Radio Theatre is a comedy sketch show in the style of old-time radio but suited for the modern audience. For more information, please visit www.LoneWolfComedy.com.

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Monday Feb 23, 2015

Our fourth-most episode yet!  This one is a frolic through the rose bushes.  We start things off with a very important message from the Ministry of Public Health.  Could your family be in danger?  Tune in to find out.Featuring the talents of Jason Hillman, Lisan Wood, Jacob Woelfel, Nick Firer, Rebecca Richards, Frankie, Shawn Shelnutt, Tim Hunter, Tim Higgins, Angie Campbell, Erik Koconis, Jeff Lampton, Rev. Ron Swanson, James Boland, Joshua Ballew, Liza Marie, Will Krolowitz, JJ Harris, Greg Bach, Stacy Pawlowski, and Ryan Lowe.Music:  Kevin Macleod at IncompetechSound credits:  audible-edge, FreqMan, Adam Wayne Gistarb, JoelAudio

Monday Nov 10, 2014

The third episode of Lone Wolf Comedy Radio Theatre is jam-packed with fun, starting with Robot Radio!  A prisoner looks inside herself for the answers to life's big questions and The Flying Cowboy runs into an old nemesis with the help of a new friend.  We continue our radio soap opera, Verdant Greens, and so much more! This episode features Christopher Schmidt, JJ Harris, Tim Hunter, Eric Thorson, KC Michelson, Damon Millard, Ernie Tamm, Josh Ballew, Michael Ewert, Meara Young, Angela Campbell, Tim Higgins, James Boland, Shawn Shelnutt, Jeff Lampton, Frankie, and Will Krolowitz.  Music by Kevin MacLeod. Please enjoy the show and share it with those who may also enjoy it!

Sunday Sep 21, 2014

This episode features a call-in show about appliances, a hostage situation, a perfume commercial, and much more!Follow the continuation of the soap opera, Verdant Greens.  All in all, Episode 2 is more fun than a trip to Showtime Pizza.Featuring:  Tim Higgins, Tyler Menz, Eric Thorson, Will Krolowitz, Jamie Ansley, Liza Marie, Rebecca Richards, James Boland, Suze Bischoff, Megan Warburton, Jeff Lampton, Erik Koconis, JJ Harris, Christopher Schmidt, Ryan Lowe, Mike Ewert, Joshua Ballew, Shawn Shelnutt, Frankie, Jared Stepp, Angie Campbell, Tim Hunter, Rev. Ron Swanson, Ernie Tamm, and Damon Millard.Written and directed by Ryan Lowe.Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com.Art by Damon Millard and Ryan Lowe.Like us at https://www.facebook.com/LoneWolfComedy.Visit the website at www.lonewolfcomedy.com.

Sunday Aug 24, 2014

 The first episode of Lone Wolf Comedy Radio Theatre!  Please enjoy!  Featured in this episode:  Tim Higgins, Will Krolowitz, Jamie Ansley, Andy Bolton, Erik Koconis, Tim Hunter, James Boland, Angie Campbell, Shawn Shelnutt, Frankie, Ernie Tamm, Suze Bischoff, Ryan Lowe, Tyler Menz, Nick Firer, Christopher Schmidt, KC Michaelson, Josh Ballew.  Art:  Damon MillardSound Credits:  ondrosik and Freqman at freesound.orgMusic:  Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com

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